Ecommerce statistics during Black friday in Egypt 2020

On our fifth Black Friday campaign, we at R2S, are excited to share with you some key figures and statistics from the last mile orders we delivered between Nov 15 and Dec 5 2020. This data was tabulated from thousands of orders from hundreds of eCommerce sellers operating in Egypt. These sellers are either pure online brands, niche vertical marketplaces, or the digital platforms for local and regional retail brands or manufacturers going direct-to-consumer. R2S specifically excluded any data related to orders processed for large regional marketplaces. We believe their dynamics are very different from the dynamics of the growing local and regional digital transformation of brick and mortar brands. Based on our delivery services with the 3 large regional marketplaces in Egypt we see that 2020 has brought on continued strong growth in their and customer adoption to FMCG dry goods from them. The aim of this info graph is to support local sellers and retailers with how the market and consumer habits have developed. 2020 has been a critical year for delivery during the condition Of COVID-19 which led to much increased adoption of e-commerce out of bare necessity. A trend that is expected to continue even after the passing of the current corona pandemic conditions.

R2S Black Friday 2020 eCommerce Report for Egypt