What is R2S Logistics Plugin?
The R2S Logistics Plugin is a plugin to help our e-commerce clients fulfill their orders and send them to R2S Logistics for the last mile delivery

How does this plugin work?
Kindly refer to our training video to see how to use this plugin: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Vid_grgr7PDxz-CC_Gwr7sADSTB5Buht/view

How to get the credentials to use this plugin?
The credentials to use this plugin will be shared with you once you created an account with R2S

Does it provide service/work in all the countries across the globe?
Service is currently available within Egypt only

What is the cost of this plugin?
The cost of the plugin is for free

Can I have customized prints?
The prints are fixed for every customer

Logistics tariff is fixed for all places?
The tariff is variable for every customer, depending on origin, destination, weight, and volume.